ANGEL xo Cross The Line

Debut Australian artist, 19-year-old ANGEL xo, releases her first solo single today.

“Cross The Line” is the writing collaboration of 3 young female Australian writers Angel xo, Gemma Navarette and producer, Chelsea Warner. 

This collaboration was the first session under management direction and sealed the expectation on the musicality of every song to follow. 

On writing “Cross The Line” ANGEL says, “it is about young love, the pain and the thrill and eventually having enough of that drama, so you develop boundaries to stop the endless cycle of being stepped on. This is exactly what I was going through when writing this song. The highs and lows of love can make you blind to what you truly deserve.”


19-year-old Melbourne based artist ANGEL discovered her love for music from a young age in a family deeply involved in the music industry. During her high school years, she pursued formal training in singing, balancing exams with her musical aspirations.

She started her career at the young age of 15, performing live at local venues, and at private and corporate events. ANGEL has developed her own distinctive style, blending soulful melodies and commanding range of vocals and has embraced the craft of songwriting, to add to her artistic repertoire. 

ANGEL’s recent back-to-back trips to Los Angeles in 2023 marked significant milestones. She secured a coveted TV sync opportunity for the Hulu series “Living With The Dead”, and teamed up with LA management and production company, helmed by hit-maker and Grammy nominee Aloe Blacc and Lani Richmond. On ANGEL’s following trip, an intensive writing camp was programmed with renowned songwriters and producers such as Stephen Puth, Pam Sheyne (Genie In A Bottle), Aloe Blacc, and Jugglerz.

“Cross The Line” is on US label, Grand Scheme.