Today see the release of Jazzy K’s her long-awaited E.P Press Play and the single “Jealous”.


‘Jealous’  is here to empower people & make them feel confident enough to say – “no I’m not going to change myself because my style is starting to make my partner feel insecure!”


This is a mid-tempo, catchy Pop / R’n’B song filled with attitude about being in a relationship where your partner gets jealous for silly reasons. The moral of the story is saying “Why are you Jealous? This is what you wanted, you wanted me now you have me and you want to change me? It doesn’t make any sense, you should be happy & proud to have me!”


“Press Play” is not just an EP; it’s a sonic time machine that seamlessly bridges the past and the future. Jazzy K, known for her soulful vocals and infectious melodies, takes inspiration from the golden era of pop R&B, infusing it with a modern twist that propels the genre into uncharted territory. Each of the 7 tracks on “Press Play” is a sonic love letter to the early 2000s.


As part of the promotion for the E.P Jazzy K is partnering with Red Bull to put on a pop-up performance activation Sunday May 26th to promote the E.P / her debut show end of June


Jazzy K – “Jealous”

Written by – Jazzy K &  Jackson Lee Morgan

Produced by – Louis School



Since the success of her breakout single ‘Unbreak My Heart’ & being the new voice behind the BRATZ theme song, Jazzy is now embarking on her next exciting journey. She has spent the last few years in Los Angeles with her team – Manager Yamile Fernandez(Also Representing Kali Uchis, Snow tha product, Isabella Merced) creating her debut E.P “Press Play” and will now be bringing it to life on stage at the Sydney Spiegletent in the Entertainment Quater. After Developing her craft with the musical legend Baby Face & the legends behind Shakira, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, French Monatana and more she has never been more ready to take on the stage for her first solo concert.




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