JD Reynolds

“We all know a player, an eff boy who thinks he’ll stay young and hot forever, so he plays the field hard, choosing not to make any real connections with anyone. Little does he know, he’s wasting his prime years on fleeting encounters, and before he knows it, his prime will be over, and his life will be effed. All the nice girls he met and couldn’t be bothered putting any effort into, will have moved on, found love, and living their best lives without ever giving the now lonely player a second thought. 

Inspiration: The players in the world, going through women like sand through an hourglass, oblivious to their time running out in finding their soul mate. Your stupidity is inspiring! hehe

I really enjoyed writing and recording this song, and at the time, I had a crush on a player who I knew liked me, but also knew would never change, and I commend myself for not going there. Next! So, I brought this energy into the studio and used it to record this song.

‘Hourglass Sand’ is important to me because I want all the good girls like me in this world to spot the player and don’t let him into your life. Know your worth and value yourself. Let them drain their own hourglass sand, not yours.”

‘Hourglass Sand’ is available on all streaming platforms, on iTunes, YouTube, it’s available everywhere!

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