SAM QUEALY ‘Watch Me Now’

Australia’s Sam Quealy has been dubbed the techno pop princess who is taking over Europe with her unhinged tracks and live performances sending dance floors into delirium.

Today Sam releases her debut song “Watch Me Now” and is in Australia till the end of the month having recently performed in Perth and has a Sydney Festival show on January 19th.

This Australian living in Paris is a badass chameleon – singer, songwriter, dancer, rapper and performance artist- she is truly a creative tour de force.

Sam is close to the rock group La Femme and this ultra-glamorous chameleon artist attracts all eyes. In just one year of wildly erotic, genre bending releases she has managed to do a world tour France, UK, Germany, USA, Mexico, Switzerland, Spain with numerous sold out shows and playing on iconic stages such as Zenith, Olympia, Razmatazz, Belasco.

She has had numerous articles, feature stories and covers and has a strong connection in the fashion world – walking multiple shows every fashion week, playing afterparties and recently closed the Purple Fashion magazine festival.

Sam Quealy is in the legendary vogue house of Comme Des Garçons and a member of the Paris Ballroom scene, as well as performing at the Venice Biennale to represent France. Those who have already met her in the capital at a party, had a lot of trouble forgetting her magnetic aura, almost alien.

It’s safe to say that Sam Quealy has burst onto the scene with a deafening bang. With the looks of a popstar and attitude of a rockstar – this exciting new artist is only just scratching the surface of what’s to come.

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